Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shake the Glitter, Shake Shake Shake the Glitter.


I am in love with glitter nail polish, especially this one. It reminds me of Katy Perry, I'm not sure why. I have the colour Persian Blue by Joe Fresh underneath, and this Rockstar Pink by Sally Hansen.
This nail polish is extremely inexpensive, $2.50 at Wal-Mart however I have had other glitter nail polishes from this line and they don't last even 9 months so beware.

You do not need a nailpolish underneath I just wanted to, the glitter is very fine and blue, silver, gold, red and magenta but be sure to put a top coat on so the glitter doesn't catch on things.

I love it. I love Glitter. And if you're terrified of removing it, you need to get your paws on some 100% pure acetone (which you can also puchase at Wal-Mart), a cotton pad, hold it on the nail and wipe away!

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