Saturday, August 20, 2011


This colour China Glaze Shocking Pink is absolutely gorgeous, however that is the only thing I would put as a "PRO" if I were to rate it. It looks so nice on tanned skin, however you must apply three coats because it is so incredibly streaky, and then a top coat because it appears almost matte without one, and to top it all off it chips easily (note my thumb). I have come to terms that I hate china glaze nail polish, they produce pretty colours, that are awful nail polishes that aren't cost effective either. I put less effort into applying my $2.50 Sally Hansen polishes that sometimes go on better, as I do with CG, and do not appreciate when I spend $8 on a polish to run into these troubles. So while I'll continue to wear it, I have officially sworn off China Glaze. Save your pennies and buy more expensive, better quality or buy the $2.50 polishes, but either way get what you pay for.

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