Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's In My Purse?



I love seeing what is in other peoples bags, I think it shows a lot about people especially when if its clean/messy and if they have tons of random stuff. I think if you look in my purse it shows I'm just a big kid at heart. The bag was $12 on sale at Von Maur and I think it was originally $35 about two years ago. I use it everyday and if you had seen it sans cleaning, you would see movie ticket stubs and concert tickets and lots and lots of receipts because I never empty my purse ever.

So what is inside:
Gushers (I like to always have a snack)
Excel Gum in the flavour Polar Ice
Nivea Milk and Honey Lip Balm
Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine
MAC lipstick in Innocence Beware from the Venomous Villains Collection
Comb from Sally's
Estee Lauder Lip Gloss in Pink Glaze
L'oreal Jelly Balm in Plush
Barbie keychain and keys
Hair Clip
Ariel coin purse from H&M kids section
Ariel and Aurora tins from a vending machine that holds Advil and Gum
Coach Wallet
Evil eye keychain charm that broke, but I got it in Greece and am too scared to throw out
Vinegar and a Straw from Harveys ...?
Mint from Boston Pizza
Tooth Picks (by GUM rubber-tipped so they dont hurt, love.)
and Batteries

Yes this is all currently in my purse, but with receipts and kids meal toys that I get all the time and only take out when my bag gets too heavy hah I am a 21 yr old child.....

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