Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nude Nails and DIY Chevon!

So Revlon keeps being amazing, and sent me another box as being apart of their Revlon selects program, and I am super thrilled with this one. It is called Natural Pink and is a warm nude pink, with more yellow undertones then blue or beige. Which makes it different from say Essie Topless and Barefoot or Ballet Slippers if those haven't worked for you.

I have been obsessed with "mannequin hands" for a couple of summers, (you can even check my instagram for a picture last summer) and is a bit of a trend this spring!

As you can see I added a little chevron, which you can DIY at home very easily, so we have all seen people use craft scissors but that didn't work for me at all, they didn't cut the tape and mangled the nail polish I had painted on the tape. So, instead of painting tape black and cutting it, I used good ol' electrical tape, and from afar it doesn't look half bad. I just cut it using those mini scissors that you get in nail kits to resemble the chevron patter et voila!

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