Monday, June 25, 2012

What a Peach!

Recently I was perusing the aisles of the new large Rexall near my house, and came across the Essie Spring collection. Unlike OPI I feel like the Essie collections go completely unnoticed by me, and I tend to just randomly pick up polishes when I see them. As opposed to the hype behind a lot of OPI collections.

I really like 'A Crewed Interest' because it is a true peach shade, which I have been craving to add to my collection this year. I got this opacity like most Essie polishes with 3 coats. It is very non-offensive and brings out Summer in your nails with out having to go the neon route.

I have really grown to like Essie and it tends to go on sale at either Wal-Mart, Shoppers or Rexall pretty often, so check for deals. My sights are currently set on Mojito Madness and Bikini So Teeny, because I do love the colours and I wont lie, I love the names.

What polishes are you guys after, or trends? and what are you thoughts on Essie?


  1. Just added this shade to my Essie wish list! I also have my sights on Bikini so Teeny but I already have so many blue polishes can't justify it with Summer being nearly over :( x
    nikkilou loves

    1. i want that one sooo bad, and i feel the exact same way :(
      im hoping OPI has a good christmas collection this year too