Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Princess Bun

I have finally mastered the princess/donut bun! It has taken me ages to finally get it, I first tried when CarlyCristman did a tutorial but I cut the sock wrong, and then it just didn't look all that great. 

Then when I got back home for summer I wanted to try again but I couldn't grasp the full donut look like in the photo until... duh nuh nuh naahh
HeyKayli's video.

I love the whole shaytards family and am subscribed to them all, so that video just popped into my subscription box and it finally "clicked" for me. 
I think the key tips are:
1. cut the sock at the toe (duh its in both videos, but the first time I cut at the ankle)
2. roll the sock down your hair, kind of like when putting on pantyhose (that is what creates the great effect)
3. if you have layers just be conscious of if they are falling and shove them up through the sock before they are able to fall and make it messy

The best part about this bun is how secure it is, you literally don't need bobby pins, I put them in out of paranoia but I can literally shake my head and it doesn't fall out.

I keep trying and failing and the french-braid at the back of your head that leads up into the sock bun, but so far no luck...

Let me know if any of you are into the look of the sock bun, or think its an awful trend that needs to disappear, or any variations you have seen or tried! Also if any of you have any tips on flyaways that would be great to!!

ps. if you are wondering, geez she has great skin, no that is not the case. I have been playing with the airbrushing on and pretty much turning myself into the scary toddlers and tiaras photos, don't judge haha

pps. I'm not naked, just wearing a romper.

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