Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Almay Growing up Gorgeous Contest!

I just got this amazing package in the mail from entering a Facebook contest, it was the Growing up Gorgeous contest held by Almay Canada. I enter a ridiculous amount of contests and as you guys can see, sometimes I win! I was not expecting so much and am just so excited I had to share!

So this all came in a box with my address hand written and that handwritten note, which is much appreciated that someone took the time to do that, and all these goodies inside. Because the contest I believe was to do in part with Mother's Day or celebrating mothers and daughters in general, it featured Kate Hudson the face of Almay and her mom Goldie Hawn.

In Goldie's look is: the moisturizing eye makeup remover pads, perfect and correct primer, intense i-color in bold nudes, intense i-color volumizing mascara in midnight, intense i-color defining liner in onyx and smart shade mousse makeup in light-medium

and Kate's look includes: oil free eye makeup remover pads, smart shade liquid makeup in light-medium, intense i-color in smoky i-kit for greens, smart shade concealer in light-medium and intense i-color + primer for green eyes.

I have tried the smart shade liquid makeup and actually really like that it a light coverage and the intense i-color and primer is my new favourite thing when I'm to lazy to put eyeshadow on, which is all the time. I'm really enjoying those two and need to open the other things and play soon!

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I also figured I'd post my favourite looks from each woman as I love both looks so much. You can always count on Kate for really natural looks and never going to far out of the box but always looking beautiful. My favourite look is the pretty much no makeup look of Penny Lane in Almost Famous, although How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Andie Anderson holds a close second, honestly just google Kate Hudson makeup and just look at how pretty and flawless she looks. (Am I the only one who googles celebrities makeup all the time?) And of course nothing is better than Goldie in the late 1960s, those EYES are out of control amazing! These two also have the best hair ever,just look at that middle photo!

Anyways, I was super excited to get this in the mail so thank you Almay Canada! And everyone start entering contests and you could get stuff in the mail to, its not hard just like your favourite brands on Facebook or follow them on Twitter!


  1. Nice! you got a lot of stuff :) I enter a ton of contests too but luck is rarely on my side.. :p

  2. I'll pray for you
    so one day we
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    God bless your indelible soul.