Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sequins and Monogram

This outfit is definitely more casual then the last outfit I posted as it is just a sweater and leggings, it still looks festive to me because of the sequins. I ended up wearing this outfit Christmas day and New Years Eve as they were both really casual and I felt both were appropriate and didn't require much thought hah. The sweater and necklace are my favourite part, I got the necklace for Christmas from Etsy and the sweater is currently in the new H&M adverts and was only $14.95! The leggings are my new current all time favourite thing and are from Zara and around $40.

As you can tell I must have enjoyed this outfit to wear it twice but it totally makes me think of what someone would wear if they went on a ski trip, am I crazy? All I need is ear warmers and I'm set to ski, minus the fact I hate cold and cannot ski or snowboard no matter how hard I've tried.

But, once again Happy New Year everyone! xx

1 comment:

  1. I love that Jumper, it is gorgeous :) I can't ski either!

    LaceyLoves x