Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hair Fiasco

My hair has literally gone through hell in 2012, this is going to be a long post: beware.

Let's just start by saying I have gone prematurely gray, when I was 12 I first noticed them and by grade 9 I had to start highlighting my hair to cover them. I naturally have black/brown hair, so clearly my white roots are obvious. So eat your veggies and be born with good genes haha.

Anyways I like to stick to my natural colour, but I needed to take my graduation photos so I box dyed my hair with a natural black which was a little too dark for what I had. Then the true terror happened, I cheated on my hairdresser and boy did I pay for it.

I went to a salon in this mall that is near my house, people are always in and out and i assumed, "how can you mess up my hair, I just want to touch up my roots, they can SEE the colour I want" well the guy saw my hair and attempted to get it to the colour of my ends not the harshness of the black dye. In doing so he managed to make my roots a very orangey brown and my hair was still black. I now looked like a tiger instead of a skunk...


This photo does not do the atrocity justice, it looked awful and the whole reason I went somewhere else was because my hairdresser took time off for family and I knew St. Patricks day, My Birthday and Easter were coming up and I didnt want roots in pictures. Ugh. Then to boot it was exams so I had to leave home and wouldn't be able to go back for a month, so by May I had gray roots, then an orange strip, then the harsh black and finally the colour I like. Believe me as a young person with gray hair, you can see people glaring at your roots with confusion until they work up the courage to ask or I go, "Yeah, I have gray hair, I've had it most my life, I blame my mother." 

Not only that but the stylist said: "Oooh, the colour looks great," then the colourist said "You know you can use sunlight soap to get that out" yeah buddy, I'm going to dry the shit out of my hair cause you want me to fix your mistake. Essentially I paid $100 to look awful. Also, Mini Rant: the place was gross, no one had there own tools, there were too many customers and not enough chairs, it was dusty and dirty. The dye also hurt my scalp, I have never experienced that, it felt raw almost and burned when I itched it. It was fine when I washed it out, but really how do you charge that price when you use such AWFUL dye that it hurts.


Anyhoozle, My real hairdresser fixed it! Lesson learned: Never Cheat on Your Hairdresser!
She just laughed and scoffed at my awful hair, she put it back to what she always does and added a few little highlights that are really only visible under a light or in sunlight (which you can see in the photo). Whew, I feel normal again.
She also told me I am 70% gray, great.

Please tell me if you guys have had any awful experiences, or you just want to laugh at me hah.
It's crazy how much of my identity is in my hair, it is just hair but geez did I look crazy.

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