Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Post!

Hello World,
I am a self-proclaimed lurker, I spend way to much time reading blogs and saving inspirational pictures and entering blog contests to not eventually start a blog myself.
The primary things I wish to focus on are makeup, beauty and fashion, but also ramblings of what I am currently obsessed with that are not related to those things like books, tv, etc.
I hope someone enjoys what I have to say and my goal for myself is to post every 2-3 days.

So first I'll start off with an intro to me!
My name is Alexandria, (Al for short) and I'm from the GTA, of Ontario Canada, I have a youtube channel that I haven't updated in 2 months so I'll tell you once I update. And I'm a 20 year old student with a large obsession for makeup and all things pretty.

Follow me on Twitter: @AlsLoves

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